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Pisco Punch

Discover the delicious recipe for this cocktail made by Ale Rueda!

If you are looking for a refreshing and flavorful drink to enjoy on any occasion, the Pisco Punch is an excellent option. This cocktail originally from Peru combines the delicious flavor of pisco with the freshness of lemon and pineapple juice, and the sweet touch of syrup. In addition, its easy preparation makes it ideal to surprise your friends at a meeting or to enjoy alone on a sunny day.


  • 2 oz Pisco Puro Italia
  • ½ oz lemon juice
  • 1 oz orange juice
  • 1 oz syrup of gum
  • 1 ½ oz pineapple juice
  • Old Fashioned Bitter Drops
  • ½ oz sparkling water
  • Ice
  • Pieces of pineapple, macerated star anise, syrup and spices to decorate

Let's do it!

  1. In a glass filled with ice, mix the pisco, lemon juice, orange juice, syrup, pineapple juice, sparkling water and drops of Bitter Old Fashioned with a cocktail spoon.
  2. Garnish with pineapple chunks, star anise macerate, syrup and spices

And ready! Now you can enjoy a delicious Pisco Punch.

Remember that to obtain the best results, it is important to use fresh and quality ingredients. As for pisco, we recommend choosing a trusted brand that guarantees the authenticity and quality of its product. At SMM, we are proud to offer high-quality pisco, made with the best grapes and carefully distilled to provide a unique and authentic flavor.

Go ahead and try this delicious recipe and discover all the flavor and quality of our pisco!


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